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Class Curriculum Material is published by Loyola Press:


Loyola Press offers a wonderful resource, called Video Correlations.  Video Correlations offers a short video clip that complements a theme from each lesson.  Follow this link to view these videos.  Many classrooms have video/internet capability.  Brining these videos into the classroom to further engage our students is a wonderful way to bring our Faith to Life!!

Loyola Press Video Correlations Link










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An annual background check is required of all volunteers who are 17 years or older that serve in all ministries at Saint Agnes Parish. Forms must be submitted in person; please bring government issued photo ID with you.  Thank you.  

Submit form in person to the Parish Office, Parish Center, 1st Floor.
Office Hours:
M-T, 10am - 3:30pm
W-F, 9:30am - 3:30pm



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Training is required for all volunteers  – who are 18 years and older or any past volunteers who have not met the Archdiocese requirements of this one time only training in child abuse prevention and serving in a ministry with unsupervised access to children.


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Catechist Development articles provide rich information for catechists, teachers, parents and other adults who wish to grow in faith. The articles cover the main topics of catechesis — from Catholic beliefs to the celebration of the sacraments and much more. Each article provides both insights for those who are teaching the faith and reflection for adult discipleship.

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