Confirmation Preparation - Overall Program




 The Preaparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation Journey

Confirmation will be held on Sunday, May 20, 2018
     2:00pm Confirmation Mass
     5:30pm Confirmation Mass

Confirmation Rehearsal 

The Confirmation Rehearsal is Thursday, May 17.  Both Sponsor and Candidate attend the rehearsal.  

The rehearsal time is based on the Confirmation Mass to which you are assigned:
6:00pm Rehearsal for the 2:00pm Confirmation Mass
7:30pm Rehearsal for the 5:30pm Confirmation Mass

Confirmation Sponsor Dinner

*Sunday, March 25th (New date as of 8/29/17)  5:30pm Mass followed by dinner (6:30pm to 8:30pm)
Confirmation Candidates and their Sponsors are invited to worship at the 5:30pm Mass.  Following Mass, Candidates and Sponsors come together at this dinner to celebrate the faith journey that will soon be perfected through the Sacrament of Confirmation.  It is a wonderful gathering of community, hosted by the Confirmation I candidates (sign up for your help here).  Sponsors are fomally invited by the Confirmation Candidates to the Confirmation Sponsor Dinner.  

Confirmation Preparation:  You are Chosen
As Catholics, we are called, and Chosen, by God to affirm our faith in the Sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation completes our "Initiation" into the Catholic Church. Preparation is a two year process that begins in 9th grade and continues through 10th grade. It includes small group meetings, weekly celebration of the Eucharist, service to others, and spending time with God in prayer. It is our desire that our youth in preparation for Confirmation grow to know, love and serve our wonderful and awesome God.

Weekly Celebration of Mass - Food for the Journey:

Just as God fed manna to Moses and the Israelites on their journey to the promised land, the student candidates and their parents will need spiritual nourishment for their journey. God provides this through the weekly celebration of Mass and reception of the Eucharist. Weekly attendance at Mass is a critical component in the preparation process.  

*ALL Candidates must to attend Mass weekly.  The 5:30pm Mass in particular engages the Confirmation Candidate through the Liturgy and participation as Lectors, Greeters, Offertory Collectors and Gift Bearers.

*Classes will be assigned weekly Liturgical Service prior to October start date.  

Preparation - Small Groups/Large Groups:

Our Program is a two-year preparation beginning in Grade 9, with the Sacrament bestowed in Grade 10.

Candidates meet in Small Groups monthly, led by a volunteer Catechist.  In addition to Small Groups, there are also Large Groups (entire class) once during each year.

Confirmation I candidates attending Catholic School are not required to attend the Small and Large group meetings; though the invitation to attend the Large Group Meeting is always there.

Confirmation II candidates attending Catholic School are required to attend both Small and Large Group meetings.

Service to the Parish and the Community:

Acknowledging and developing our God-given talents is an on-going part of our individual faith journeys. Using these talents in the service of others is God's desire.  

During Confirmation preparation, we focus on gaining a deeper understanding of how we can help our Parish and Community.  We are called to engage in Christian works of Service for those in need - as Jesus teaches:

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others... (Mark 10:45)

Candidates are required to participate in a minimum of three Christian Service initiatives each year of Confirmation Preparation.  The purpose of these service projects is to more fully live the teaching of Jesus with deliberate acts of compassion and care for those in need.

1) Candidates must have one Service project that is directly tied to St. Agnes Parish - service for our Parish.  An example of this is active participation on an on-going basis with donation drives that occur over the course of the year.  We have an active Lazarus House ministry to meet the needs of families in the Lawrence area; an annual soap drive to benefit Norfolk prison inmates; an annual Christmas Gift program for families serviced by Catholic Charities.  Participation and help in Liturgical events is another example of Parish Service.  This would include active involvement with Sunday Mass on an on-going basis (Lector, Offertory Collection, Altar Service); active participation in Advent, Christmas, Lenten initiatives or any other Liturgical events that occur over the course of the year.

2) Candidates must have a second Service project that benefits the larger community.  Example of this would be substantive help given to Mission of Deeds or the Food Pantry - both organizations that serve the Reading (and beyond) community.  

3) Candidates must have a third Service project of either Parish Service or Larger Community Service that is done as a group effort by the Candidate and family.

Christian Service Sheet - Required 
Each year of preparation candidates will complete a Service Sheet.  This is to be filled out by candidate, validated by service site and reviewed with his/her Group Leader.  The Service Sheet serves as a vehicle for initiating a dialogue with the Group Leader on the value of Christian Service.  Candidates will get their Service Sheet from the group Leader, please follow this link should you need another copy of the Service Sheet:  Download Service Sheet

A NOTE ABOUT CHRISTIAN SERVICE:  Christian Service is not about dotting i's and crossing t's; of checking off the "done" list and then moving on.  Christian Service is a way of living and sharing God's love.  Christian Service during confirmation preparation is a way of cultivating, growing, and nurturing our Missionary Mandate received at our Baptism!  

Refer to the following pages for more details: Service Opportunities



2017-2018 Meeting Dates:
 Confirmation I

 Confirmation II

Make-up for Missed Class:
Information found here 

Confirmation I Students - Sign up to help with the Confirmation II Sponsor Dinner on Sunday, March 25, 2018
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Confirmation Retreat
Students are required to attend two Confirmation retreats:  the first during Confirmation I preparation and the second Confirmation retreat during Confirmation II preparation.  Refer to these pages for more information:  Retreat Information


Choosing a Sponsor

Choosing your sponsor is one of the most important decisions that students will make during the preparation process. It requires discernment and prayer. A sponsor needs to be willing and able to make the faith journey with the candidate. Click here to learn more about Choosing your Sponsor.

Choosing a Confirmation Name

Candidates are required to choose a Saint's name to become their Confirmation name. This person should be someone that they want to emmulate. Students will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the Saint and share their reasoning for choosing that person.  Follow this link for more information on choosing a Confirmation Name.


In the few weeks preceding the Confirmation Mass, Confirmation II Candidates attend a short interview with Fr. Steve, Fr. Ed, Catechists, or an Adult Parishioner to share insights into their 2-yr preparation journey and experiences.

The interview date is scheduled based on Last Name:
A-L:  Sunday, April 8, 2018
M-Z:  Sunday, April 29, 2018


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