First Holy Communion


2019 First Holy Communion Celebrations

Saturday, April 27 - 10am Mass for the following classes: 

Kevin O'Neil/Ryan O'Neil   Kevin Briere
Stacey Bertocchi/Mary Bertocchi   Lauren Walsh/Brenna Sullivan
Sarah Murray/Jessica O'Neil    

The REHEARSAL for this Mass is Wednesday, April 24 from 3:30PM until 4:30PM


Saturday, April 27 - 1:00pm Mass for the following classes:

Jimmy Murphy/Brendan Ziegler
Jarra Carney/Lisa Coulouris
Sheila Narayanan

The REHEARSAL for this Mass is Wednesday, April 24 from 5PM until 6PM


Saturday, May 4 - 1:00PM Mass for the following classes:

Nicole Barletta/Pina Rizza
Marge Pearson
Lindsey McCarthy

The REHEARSAL for this Mass is Wednesday, May 1 from 3:30PM until 4:30PM


REHEARSALS for First Holy Communion

Rehearsal is a drop off to the 1st Floor Parish Center and pick-up in the Upper Church.  When you arrive for rehearsal, please help you child find his/her assigned seating.  We have limited time for rehearsal:  we ask that your child stay seated so that we can easily see that all have arrived and begin the rehearsal.  

Pick up is in the Upper Church.  If you arrive before rehearsal is done, please take a seat in the back of the church so as not to disrupt the rehearsal.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Retreat for First Holy Communion

This is an important day when children will review:  how to receive communion, our communion song and the procession into the church.  PLEASE NO EARLY RELEASES OR LATE ARRIVALS.

Sunday Session Classes:  Retreat date is Sunday, April 7, at 10:15am.  Drop off to your child's classroom.

Wednesday Session Classes:  Retreat date is Wednesday, April 10, at 1:15pm.  Drop off to your child's classroom.

Parent Meeting for First Holy Communion

The Parent Meeting will follow your child's Retreat and take place in the Lower Church


First Holy Communion Attire

ATTIRE:  with reverance to the Sacrament, appropriate Church attire is expected; in past girls have worn white and also other Church-appropriate attire:  both are acceptable.  Boys have worn white, and other Church-appropriate attire (Khakis/blue blazer, tie, etc.)





April 28, 2018 - 10:00am First Holy Communion Mass:

April 28, 2018 - 1:00pm First Holy Communion Mass:

May 5, 2018 - First Holy Communion Mass:




Ordering First Holy Communion Pictures - Information 



Please practice Prayers with your child:
- Our Father
- Hail Mary
- Glory Be


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